Syrian ‘Problem From Hell’ Unlikely To Get Better Soon

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Syrian ‘Problem From Hell’ Unlikely To Get Better Soon

Postby Peter1469 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:47 am


The liberal hawks created this problem: the US had no vital interests in overthrowing Assad. The humanitarian cause was wrongfully used to justify intervention.

"Diplomats sometimes refer to an especially dangerous and intractable situation as “a problem from hell.” Syria, where a civil war has frustrated all attempts at resolution, qualifies in all respects.

No one can be satisfied with the situation in Syria today. The killing goes on, with the death toll in the 5-year-old conflict estimated at 400,000. Five million refugees have fled Syria because of the fighting; the largest number is in Turkey, but many are seeking safety in Europe and elsewhere in the West, unsettling these regions.

Syria is beset by an exceedingly complex array of conflicts. President Bashar al-Assad is fighting a panoply of rebel forces that have competing programs and interests. Kurds have fought to carve out a mini-state on the border with Iraq and Turkey.

Then there is the fight against ISIS, which is based in Syria and controls territory there. ISIS, which has no allies, is battling many actors, including the United States. A tangled web of alliances and the involvement of outside powers make this confrontation all the more intractable. Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Turkey are all engaged in the conflict."

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