Trump's tax plans

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Re: Trump's tax plans

Postby Don » Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:22 am

I think the tax plans we have had are designed to eliminate the middle class. An important plank in establishing a socialist government. The middle class has definitely shrunk over the last 16 years. If business booms and the corporate tax cuts are passed along to the consumer that will be a de facto tax cut to all consumers since we pay that tax anyway. If more people are working then more taxes will go to government. If the size of government is cut as promised then the need for taxes should go down too. More money could stay in the states and towns and they could afford to fix and or build infrastructure. Kind of like it used to be done. Cities and states built the roads and bridges. Now they can't afford to build new or maintain the existing because Washington sucks up too much of their money. Money left in the local economy is better spent anyway. If the money wasn't being run through a sieve and returned with conditions the states and towns could take care of their own needy and people could save for emergencies and retirement. Giving it to Washington is like those commercials that ask you to give only $19 a month for (fill in the blank) special cause. They get your $19 and spend $10 of it to pay for advertising to lie to you about what a good job they do. Then all the lobbyists and special interests get a cut and about $1 actually goes to the (fill in the blank) special cause. Better to send them $5 to pay for national defense and leave the rest at home where it can actually be put to good use.
Free Enterprise: A million salesmen pushing the “too much”. Socialism: A million ration clerks dividing up the “too little”

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