The right way to spend on infrastructure

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The right way to spend on infrastructure

Postby Peter1469 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:53 pm

The right way to spend on infrastructure

Here is an interesting article that discusses alternatives to the government providing for infrastructure spending.


Back in early 2015 oil and gas company Conoco-Phillips requested a permit from the Obama administration to launch an oil drilling project in Alaska. The energy project, called the Greater Moose’s Tooth Development, is located within the National Petroleum Reserve and would create thousands of jobs in an economically depressed area of the state. The project has the full approval of the local community, and poses little threat to the environment in a sparsely populated region.

It is a multi-billion dollar jobs and infrastructure project with roads and housing and pipelines. It won’t cost the federal taxpayers a penny to build. In fact the royalties from the project will likely raise hundreds of millions of tax dollars for the federal government and the state.

A no-brainer, right? Not exactly. For years the Obama administration has tangled up the project in regulatory red tape. “We are ready to break ground on day one after we get the permit,” a frustrated Connoco-Phillips vice president John Dabbar tells me. “We’re going to employ nearly everyone up there,” he adds. It still hasn’t been approved because President Obama hates fossil fuels.

If Donald Trump is smart, he will green-light the drilling project the day he enters office.

Now multiply this story by several hundred at least. The radical green agenda of the Obama regime has for eight years canceled, delayed, denounced and disrupted these types of smart energy,


read more at the link

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